Greetings and welcome to my blog, I am currently redesigning the site so some of my pictures are unfortunately missing because I had to close my sellers account that I had with the Smugmug site because as a free lance photographer I just couldn't afford it.
Once again I apologize for the bareness of my blog and will be working on it continually until I get it restored.
Thank you for your patience! -Megan

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Products!

    Greetings Bloggers, I am sorry That I have been away from the my blog for so long, I Finally have a computer that will access the internet.  I Have dozens of new products on my zazzle site, many with the photo of the Pink cactus blossoms featured here on my blog.  There are many other new products on the that feature my photographs and designs.  Many of the new products featured on my zazzle site are Made in America.... thats right I just said that they were Made in America!!!  I am very happy that Zazzle is starting to help support american jobs , It makes me feel better to know that the people that have worked on the products that feature my Photos are paid decently.  Here is a link please visit and tell me what you think about some of my new products.   I am also designing a handful of items with a patriotic design as well so stay tuned.   Thank you for your patients and I hope you are still following my blog!