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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pink Hedgehog Cactus blossom

This is a photo of a beautiful cactus flower that I found this week out in our pasture.
It is a species of hedgehog cactus and is in the Echinocereus family.  I am not sure of the actually speices of this cactus because there are so many varieties and very few are well documented.  I created many new products on my Zazzle site today that feature this photo, Please feel free to check them out.  
Many other new products coming soon so please check back!
Echinocereus is a genus of ribbed, usually small to medium-sized cylindrical cacti, comprising about 70 species from the southern United States and Mexico in very sunny rocky places. Usually the flowers are large and the fruit edible.
The name comes from the Ancient Greek χνος (echinos), meaning "hedgehog," and the Latin cereus meaning "candle."

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