Greetings and welcome to my blog, I am currently redesigning the site so some of my pictures are unfortunately missing because I had to close my sellers account that I had with the Smugmug site because as a free lance photographer I just couldn't afford it.
Once again I apologize for the bareness of my blog and will be working on it continually until I get it restored.
Thank you for your patience! -Megan

Monday, August 22, 2011

A few new changes

   I now have a few applications at the bottom of my page where you can view my products and my photos in a few of my galleries.
   Please also Check out The Bonnets and Broadswords link on the right hand side of the page this is my best friends blog. She is a great writer and a history buff you will always learn something new, she posts often so visit regularly and dont forget to check out her store as well. 


  1. cool, I like all the stuff you have added :) I hope more people will look at your zazzle site now!

  2. Your blog looks very nice, Meg. Nice to meet you and thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

    You'r now on twitter and on my blog roll listed. It would be nice to see my humbled 6 year old blog on your site listed too? :-)

    Greetings from Florida,

  3. I have looked all over and cant find the address for your blog, I lost it somehow so if you would send me the address I would gladly put it on my blog roll :) I am glad you like my blog. Thank you!

  4. Haha Nevermind I figured it out, and you are now on my lists :)