Greetings and welcome to my blog, I am currently redesigning the site so some of my pictures are unfortunately missing because I had to close my sellers account that I had with the Smugmug site because as a free lance photographer I just couldn't afford it.
Once again I apologize for the bareness of my blog and will be working on it continually until I get it restored.
Thank you for your patience! -Megan

Monday, August 22, 2011

More Organized

   Well I think I have gotten things a little more in order now.
You can now find links to my photo gallery on shutterstock If you would like to submit your photos to shutterstock as well here is a link.  

I also have my own site on Zazzle where I have many products that feature my photographs all of which are customizable. A link to my Zazzle store is in the top of the panel on the left. Please feel free to check it out my store.

There is a gallery to the right where you can view my photos that are in my Imagekind gallery those are also for sale.

 I hope to get more traffic to my Sites so please feel free to spread the word.

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