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Monday, August 13, 2012

Allthorn bush's yellow flowers

Greetings, Would like to share with you these wonderful pictures that I captured early this spring here in the local desert hills here in west Texas. These beautiful yellow flowers are those of an Allthorn bush.
Koeberlinia spinosa is a species of flowering plant native to the southwestern United States and northern Mexico known by several common names, including Crown of Thorns, Allthorn,, Junco, Coronara de Cristo, Spiny Allthorn, Corona de Cristo and Crucifixion Thorn. It is the sole species of the monotypic genus Koeberlinia, which is sometimes considered to be the only genus in the plant family Koeberliniaceae. Alternately it is treated as a member of the caper family. This is a shrub of moderate to large size, sprawling to maximum heights over 4 m (13 ft). It is entirely green while growing and is made up of tangling straight stems which branch many times. The tip of each rigid stem branch tapers into a long, sharp spine. Leaves are mainly rudimentary, taking the form of tiny deciduous scales. Most of the photosynthesis occurs in the green stem branches. The shrub blooms abundantly in white to greenish-white flowers. The fruits are shiny black berries each a few millimeters long; they are attractive to birds.
Koeberlinia spinosa can be found in northern regions of the Mexican Plateau and in the east down into the northern foothills of the Sierra Madre Orientals. In the west it ranges into the southern, and central Sonoran Desert of Sonora, and southern and southwestern Arizona; it also ranges into three areas of Baja California Sur-(part of the Sonoran Desert) also found in the Chihuahuan desert of northern mexico and west Texas.
An Allthorn bush in full bloom in the chihuahuan desert of west texas. (Koeberlinia spinosa) An Allthorn bush in full bloom in early spring in the chihuahuan desert of west texas. (Koeberlinia spinosa)

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